General Chemistry doesn’t have to be hard.

We already did the hard work for you.

We surveyed your professors to find out what the best ways to study chemistry are. They told us and we created the app that puts it all in one place for you. All the video, exams, practice problems, flash cards, eBooks, & mini-courses you need to ace general chemistry are right here. It’s available 24/7/365, and all for less the cost of one hour of private tutoring.

What you get…

Practice Problems and Exams

Professors say that practice probs are the #1 way to study. So we did it two ways: 1) 100+ practice exams with answers, 2) 800+ Talking flashcards.

Tons of Video Course Review

We have taken your entire course and condensed it down to 9 hours, focusing on only the stuff you need to know to crush your exams.

Guides, Tutorials, Mini-Movies & Way More

You get so much more than just problems and videos. We have topic-specific mini-course, printable study guides and tutorials all designed for your course.

Three Subjects for Price of One

When you sign up, you also get free access to all of our organic chemistry resources AND stuff you will need if you take the MCAT. It is like getting three subjects for one low price.

“I have been intensely studying all day and watching your videos and am really enjoying the thought out explanations which are simplified and easy to follow. I have already started looking at the site and love it already!”

Alea S.

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And there is no risk…

Double Money Back Guarantee

#1: Don’t think Elite is for you. Just email us within 24 hours and we will give you a full refund, no questions asked.

#2: Don’t pass your course? Just email us and we will give you a full refund.

Cancel anytime.

Done with the course? Email us anytime and we will cancel your subscription, no questions asked.

And as a bonus, please keep any study guides or eBooks you download from us.

We Won’t Charge You Forever

Once you have paid for seven months of any program, we will stop charging you and upgrade you to our Elite subscription for free. Then you have it forever for organic chemistry, the MCATs or to pass to a friend.

Why struggle with chemistry when there are easier ways?


Get Access To It All ASAP

$19.99/month. Make seven payments and we will stop charging you and upgrade you to lifetime membership at no extra charge. This is less than the cost of 2 hours of private tutoring.

$39.99/3 months. Make two payments and we will stop charging you and will upgrade to you lifetime membership at no extra charge. This is less than the cost of 1.5 hours of private tutoring.

$65.99 one-time payment. Make this one payment and you have access for life, including all of general chemistry, organic chemistry and the MCAT. This is less than one hour of private tutoring.

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